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    Default Handwriting effect

    I wanted to try the handwriting tutorial you can find on, and since it's a tutorial for Premier 6.5 I had to figure out how to do it in Premier Pro 1.5.
    So I made a photoshop file just like the video shows, I import them in to PPro, I create the green matte color, just like the video, apply the gradient wipe transition, just like video, I pick the matte I created also like the video says, but heres is the problem.
    When I scrub the time line, instead of having a gradient appearance it just makes a sudden shift between the color matte and the picture with the writing.

    but if I use the default transition matte or one of the other mattes I have made there is no problem :(

    I cant figure out what I have done wrong :(

    So if anybody have tried this on PPro, mayby you can tell me how to do it also!

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    Just guessing but it might be a simple case of needing to render before you can scrub properly.

    Alternatively, try an organic wipe with your gradient. It should work in a similar fashion and might allow you to scrub properly.

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    I also tried that, even when I go one frame at a time, it still doesn't work :(

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    That sounds like the way it used to behave in PPro v1.0, in which the gradient wipe transition had a bug. However, I can confirm that in v1.5 the bug was fixed.

    My PPro is tied up at the moment encoding but I will have a look when it has finished.

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    I have just got it to work for me.

    I used .TIFFs.

    In video track two was the .TIFF of the letter on a green background. Using the chroma key effect I made the green transparent. (Thinking about it now it should work with the letter simply being on a transparent background in the firstplace - I think the green back ground is just a work around for the fact that you couldn't have transitions on any track other than track one in Premiere 6.5).

    I applied the gradient wipe transition to the whole of the letter clip. I then selected the black to transparent letter shape TIFF I had created in Photoshop as a custom gradient.

    Putting some video in video track one then resulted in the letter being "drawn" over the underlying video.

    Is this any help?

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    You are right, converting the gradient map to .TIFF instead .PSD I can now apply it as a transition and get the handwriting effect.

    Thank you for the help.

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