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Thread: Another chroma key question - B&W scene with green leave

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    Default Another chroma key question - B&W scene with green leave

    Hi All,

    I am a newbie and my husband & I have just started in the wedding video industry. One of our clients would like us to alter a scene where the whole background of an avenue of tree (with bride & groom walking down it) is B&W, but with the leaves of the trees in colour (green).
    How do we do this?

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    Might be easy or might be fiddly. If the green is very strong and there is little green in the wanted areas then fiddling with the colour saturation can create the effect you want.

    If that doesnt work thaen you can chromakey.

    I am no expert so there might be a more 'proper way' but here is how i would do it....

    Duplicate the video track. On the first track select the chromakeyer and then the b/w plug in, order is important. Turn the effects off, use the chromakey colour picker to select the green you want to see, turn both effects on and voila... The green on the first b/w track is transparent allowing the green on the track below to show through. Much fiddling with chromakwey sliders will be needed, possibly with some key framing too.

    If there is lots of green in other areas other than the leavves then you are in a world of pain with lots of masking. Unless thay are paying very well that might take too long, well it would take me ages.

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    This may be too late for your video, but you'll know next time. Use Color Corrector (secondary). Read how to pass colors. Simple and may need to tweak slightly, but there's at least 1 tutorial online about it.

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