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    I would class myself fairly good with Adobe Premiere but thereís one thing that I still cant master.

    Basically what I want to know is what effects can I perform in Premiere or any 3rd party plug-in on my raw video so that when I burn it to DVD it looks the best it possibly can. Are there any free enhancing filters like as Magic Bullet (which I know isnt free) and is there anything I can do to generally make the film clearer and get the best from my video. Using a sony TRV60.



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    You can't improve quality per se. If you've got a bad quality source, there's certain things you can do to tidy up the video - colour correction etc - but essentially encodings more about maximising/preserving the original quality. The easiest way to preserve quality in DVDs is to use high quality encoder.

    So, my question is: is your DVD bad quality or do you want to apply effects to make DV video look more like film stock?
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    that later really, apply effects to make DV video look more like film stock.


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    That old chestnut,

    Good lighting - try and create the look and feel your after by lighting your subject well, play to the good points of your particular camera, plug a monitor (or TV) into your camera while you shoot and light to that. DV will never look like film unless its lit well. If your camera supports the option shoot in "frame" or progressive scan mode.

    Once youve got your well lit footage into premier boost the contrast slightly and maybe add a tiny bit of blur to the whole thing to get rid of the harsh digital edges whilst maintaining focus. Experiment with slightly desaturating your footage to get away from too-bright digital colour, try combining several layers of subtle effects rather than one effect cranked way up. Experiment.

    Also check out other forums- I've seen one dedicated to obtaining film-like footage from DV cameras but I cant remember the adress, google should show you the way.


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