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    ....and money with Pinnacle Studio 10. In all due honesty I have never seen a more worthless, bug ridden application. I was banned off Pinnacle's forum because I've been warning people about this piece of crap software. I guess Pinnacle doesn't take criticism very well. I am experienced with Avid and Vegas software but I always wanted a simple program for my 'quick' projects so I was 'messing' around with Pinnacle Studio software. In the past few years I've purchased 3 versions of Studio software,....8, 9, 10 (how stupid can I be????).....none ever worked properly......10 is the worst. Spent countless hours trying to fix the issues with no avail. Even Pinnacle's support people admitted to me of known issues but weren't able to solve. I have 3PCs.....2 P4 3.2G/1G Ram and one AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+, 2G Corsair RAM, 800G raid 5 for storage, ATI X850XT, dual 21" monitors notch hardware. I always thought that for my simple, quick projects, Pinnacle Studio should work fine.....I was wrong. I always liked the simplicity and the GUI of this program but........nothing will make up for an unstable application which Studio is for sure. Many of the users on their forum cling to the hardware specs.......well, hardware is not the problem in most's the poor code in this application. I just finished a video montage the other day using Sony Vegas on my AMD machine.....54min of footage, 34 transitions, 2 sound tracks rendered to MPEG2, VBR Best Quality Dual Pass (yes dual pass) took 1H 23min to finish....not bad. On the other hand I tried a 10 min project, very simple, using Pinnacle Studio10 on the same crashed twice and it took about 35 minutes to render....talking about crappy software. I guess I'm dumping Pinnacle and start using Ulead Video Studio 9 for my simple projects where I don't really need an overkill like Vegas. With Pinnacle is ALWAYS the NEXT patch. Just check aroound to see how many patches V8 and v9 had and the issues where still not fixed....I can go on forever. Pinnacle Studio is a $50 program aimed at 'regular' users which don't know a lot about PC tweaking and hardware specifications. You should be able to take it out of the box, install it and use it Period. That's not the case.....not by far. Be ready for th hurt of your most cases. Just be carefull and don't let yourself drawn into this's just not worth it.

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    Good luck with Vegas and Ulead Video Studio 9!

    Best wishes from a happy Studio-user.

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    Thank you....actually Vegas is my main tool. Used it without a glitch or crash since v5....going on 2 years now. Ulead Video Studio 9 I already used for a few projects...again without any problems...I don't own it though....borrowed a copy but because of the fact that is not giving me any problems I will buy it. I wonder why Pinnacle don't have a free trial for their software???????...Sony does,...Avid does.....Ulead does....Adobe does......hmmmm...maybe they count on the fact that they can still fool many people with their flashy interface...we'll see for how long the charade will go on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bengal
    I wonder why Pinnacle don't have a free trial for their software???????....
    It's funny that you mention this. Pinnacle has send me a CD with a trial version of Studio and a trial version of Liquid Edition plus Studio. In addition, free trials could be downloaded from their website. Which effords did you make to obtain free trials from Pinnacle?

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    First of all I do own a copy of Studio 10. Before I purchased this I did talk to Pinnacle and they told me they don't have a trial version in the US but that I can watch a demo on their web site.....WATCH A DEMO??????? So I bit the bullet and bought it......big's usless. So now I have V8, 9, and 10 gathering dust on a shelf. So far so good.....I still don't understand how such a cheap (if I add up how much I paid for all the ones I have is not cheap anymore) application has such high demands on hardware. It's obvious that this software it's aimed at the 'regular' user and there are MANY people out there with average PCs wich do 'meet' the specs but don't work. I guess there are to many 'bleeding' hearts out there which don't want to admit the fact that this program is a failure. Come on.....when a pro application like Avid or Vegas or even Premiere works without all this mambo-jumbo trial and error on a given system but Studio fails......isn't that OBVIOUS???? Check all the forums out there. Geee.....if it works for you...fine. Congratulations....however remember that the percentage on people having issues with this is way to great to be ignored but, somehow, this is what Pinnacle does. I'm done with these just doesn't get anywhere...I just want to bet you that Studio's days are numbered.....unless AVID really steps in and does some 'house celaning'.

    By the way I just purchased Ulead Video Studio v9 two days ago and....miracle of miracles, it installed without a glitch and it's 'humming' along just fine next to Vegas.

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    yep 10 is a peice of poo !

    Back to using 9 now ! as its a bit more stable.
    Live from Norwich !

    Sony PC1000E ( Stopped working after 13months)
    Sony HDR-HC3 4Mega Pixels High Def Mini DV Broke
    Canon HF 10 - Broke
    iPhone4 Sport
    Waiting for the Sony HDR-GW55VE

    Avid Studio, + Pinnacle Studio14, Win7 64bit 12 GIG memory, Nvidia GTX590, twin 3D display, 2Terrabyte HD

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    Default you're right

    I too have been through the last 3 versions of Studio and each one has been ridden with problems and i'm sick of it. I like the design of it and its quite easy to use, but it really is only any good when working with stuff from a movie camera. As i use it to edit my library of videos its useless. the support are useless and tell me the same thing over and over.. i.e shut down background apps, virus software etc etc....

    heres some of the more fustrating problems i have

    1) vision and sound hardly ever sync up when working with NTSC mpg's and generally vob files transferred to mpg are never that great either to edit.
    2) importing DVD titles doesn't work, never has done and crashes on V.10
    3) it constantly crashes
    4) it takes hours to render, esp when you've added any effects, even simple stuff like fades and moving titles.

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