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Thread: Capture card strickly for DV

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    Default Capture card strickly for DV

    Hello everyone:

    This is my first post

    I have some questions, about which video capture/edit hardware to buy...

    I'll be editing some videos, all of which are made with DV cameras (Canon XL-1s'), so I probably won't need to input from Analogue.

    The video resulting from the edit will then be used to make DVD's, so there won't be any output to tape.

    The videos will have some effects and transitions, but nothing too flashy.

    I will need a video capture card good enough to allow maximum quality from capture ( imports directly from DV ) and that is able to produce very high quality MPEG-2 (via hardware).

    I have access to a lab that has Avid's Xpress Pro software, so i don't need other video editing software, although i'll consider changing to Premiere Pro, if necessary.

    I'm also on a restrict budget, so can you please point out video capture cards that fit the description above (essential!!!) and the following intervals (not so essential):

    - up to 150 (225 )

    - from 150 - 300 (225 - 450)

    - from 300 - 500 (450 - 750)

    - from 500 - 1000 (750 - 1500)

    Thank you so much for your time!!


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    jcpr - as you will see from my post count, I'm a newbie here as well, so you may need an answer from someone with more experience, but here goes anyway!--

    If you are only going to capture DV, I think that you will actually only need a firewire card (virtually any one will do) to transfer from the camera, and produce a .avi file ready for editing.

    You will need a capture program, and I use the free one from, which is very good. The quailty will be identical to the original, as the input is just a transfer, rather than a capture.

    Once you have got your dv.avi file you can import it to Premiere (or similar editing program) to edit. - Or you can capture direct using Premiere's capture utility (although I have found that to have a few problems, with my set up).

    Once you've edited, you can export as Mpeg2 directly from Premiere using the software encoder built in (Main Concept , I think) - or you may prefer to use a separate program like Tmepgenc (I think it gives better results - but it is a bit slow!)

    If you do need to capture analogue then yes, you will need a capture card -I use a Canopus ADVC50 to convert to DV.

    Just my ideas, perhaps some of the more experienced members will have others!



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    If you have access to a lab with avid xpress pro then presumably they will have capture facilities on their rig - why not use that. If you capture your footage on another machine how will you transfer the Gb's of resultant footage to the lab?
    As you have a clear idea of your budget why dont you check resellers websites to see what capture cards are on offer and then research the ones that your interested in.


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