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Thread: Sony DCR-TRV130 for live streaming???

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    Default Sony DCR-TRV130 for live streaming???

    I have Sony DCR-TRV130 digital camcorder.Connector types are:
    1 x IEEE 1394 (FireWire/i.LINK)
    1 x composite video/audio output
    1 x S-Video output
    1 x headphones
    1 x DC power input
    I use winXP
    I would like to connect it to my pc and use it as a webcam on the internet. I have software to use but it requires:"handycam through a PCI card with composite or S-video in (it must be capable of using 320X240 resolution with 16 or 24 bit colour depth)"
    Can anybody tell me how to connect it to pc in order to work with that software?
    Thanks all, Sandy

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    that would happen to be a capture card... But you could just get DvCam (ill post a link later) and use it firewire wise for a webcam!! (much better quality!!!!)
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    I have never used that particular make of Sony but I think you'll still only get a screen size of 320x240 as it is 'locked' at this size.

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