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    Excuse my ignorance but can I record my movies (using a DV camcorder) onto a stand alone DVD rewriter - basically using the same process as transfering onto video (cable from camcorder to scart lead back of video) or is it a bit more complicated than that ?

    Also I've seen several DVD Recordable units ranging from 60 from the local tesco to 350 at the local electrical retailer, is it a case of what you pay is what you get or could some recommend a good make. ?


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    Hi Wolfie.

    If the DVD recorder has a firewire socket on (and alot do nowadays), it will be a cinch. You can also copy via the AV sockets too of course. Personally, I have tried three standalone DVD recorders, two Philips and one Liteon. All three conked out after less than a year. I would not buy another. There are forums full of disgruntled Philips owners, and my Liteon went in the bin after stopping reading discs. So, in terms of price - who knows? My Liteon was about 130 the Philips double that and no better reliabilty.

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