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    Hi- Don't know if anyone has any ideas but here goes..........

    I've succesfully downloaded my movie clips from my camcorder (DV) using firewire onto my PC when playing the movie on the PC it's fine, quality good (using windows media player) etc ,save the file (using windows movie maker) no problems so far... I then burn to DVD (using Nero 6) but when I play back through the TV on my stand alone DVD player the quality is poor, picture quality is slightly blury, colour not so good and the general crispness is missing, ..(I tried burning at 4 and 8 speed) Am I doing something wrong or is it the software I'm using to burn as it's fine when playing back though the pc.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in anticipation

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    DVD is a compressed format, much more so than DV, about 4 times more i think so maybe you are just seeing the result of this. Threre again you must have some top of the range tv and stuff and be a perfectionist to notice.... Actually come to think about it I have noticed this too but only whem comparing off tape raw footage to dvd edited footage on a friends hi def lcd screen.

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    Check to make sure you have the highest possible settings in Nero as you want the best possible picture and sound quality.

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