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Thread: newby help-exporting video

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    Default newby help-exporting video

    Adobe premier: I have firewire- and digital camera sonny 3ccd

    first question, when I export in the video setting , it says comprssesor: Microsoft DV (NTSC).... but at the bottom it says depth-millions, quality 100% uncompressed. does this mean it is comprseed or uncompressed video.

    I thought you want uncompressed to get the best picture output.

    and last.. to get the best picture output...what kind of file type is best?
    microsoft DV ATI
    micrsoft AVI
    TIF sequence

    so many i dont know what to pick.
    what I am trying to do is edit my films and burn DVD, trying to get the best picture quality. What do people usualy do?

    Sorry for the confused question. And thanks for your input in advance.


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    To answer question 1: DV AVI is technically compressed video, but is just not compressed as much as many of the other formats, so you still get excellent quality video (depending on your source video, of course).

    As far as question 2 is concerned: In order to create a DVD, your video MUST BE in MPEG-2 format in order to be read by MOST DVD players. Some newer players will read MPEG-4, but your safest bet is MPEG-2.
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    so what format is uncompressed to maintain the perfect picture, i have used firewire and my source is the dv sony trv 900 camera

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