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Thread: Where did it all go wrong?!

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    Default Where did it all go wrong?!

    I have Premiere 6, and I recently filmed and then edited a wedding video for some friends. I managed to cut 6 hours of footage down to about 1 hr 20 which had quite a few transitions and about 4 mp3s intercut.

    Unsuprisingly when I exported the movie as an avi (to burn to DVD) it was about 14Gb.

    I used WinAVI to compress the movie to a size that I could burn, however, about 20 minutes into the movie, the picture suddenly starts skipping lots of frames and becomes unwatchable.

    "Ahh" I thought, "I probably need to use the Export settings in premiere to compress it, then I can just burn it no problem". So I started titting around and probably re-rendered a few times with different compressions.

    Now when I watch the movie, anytime there is movement on the screen, there are jagged lines, looks terrible.

    Where did I go wrong?

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    I hope you kept the original avi..... Because any good dvd creation program should let you import the avi, and it will transcode it. This will keep about 99 percent of the quality, and it will meg it (i believe) vbo. Umm give the adobe dvd creation suite (i forget the name) a try!
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    Movement + Jagged Lines = Interlaced Footage on a Progressive scan monitor. Please read the FAQ for more info:

    To output to DVD playable on a standalone DVD player, you need to author a DVD with MPEG2 encoded video.

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    Thanks guys.

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