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Thread: The old chestnut of Analogue video to digital video....but..

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    Default The old chestnut of Analogue video to digital video....but..

    I've got 14 minutes of footage on VHS that I want to transfer to my Mac. I've got a Panasonic NV-DS30, and wondered if I could record onto that using the AV leads then import onto my Mac through that. I've tried (just once last night) and it didn't work. Any suggestions would be most welcome. I've got a Belkin videobus, but the software for it is only OS 9 compatible and I'm running OS 10.

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    Default may have expensive solution, i have the same problem

    first of all, is a belkin video bus anygood?

    second, you probably need a video card. i have a pinnacle one (30) but will be selling it as it says it is perfect quality but it is bollocks!

    you can get a pinnacle video box which is an external card which has all sorts of inputs

    but is 150, to me this looks like the only solution!

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    or try one of these Canopus ADVC55

    its exactly what we'r looking for!

    but check it out first cos i havnt properly

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