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    First of all, I'm not quite sure this is a hardware problem. Thats mainly why I am here.

    I recently bought a Dazzle DVC 90 hoping to record some gameplay from my xbox and such. Well Dazzle comes with Pinnacle Quickstart so I installed everything and got a/v splitters so I can hook up to my tv and my computer and the tv works fine. The audio and video works perfectly. So i try to capture with Pinnacle like I have been shown and all i get is audio and no video. If someone has experience with this kind of problem any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    YES!! I want to use it for exactly the same thing and I've got the exact same problem.
    I am also looking for a solution. Have you found any? If so, share and I'll do the same.

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    Well I emailed tech support at Pinnacle and they told me that the Dazzle 90 was not capable of capturing video game footage. Just like VCR's and such. I don't think that is accurate, but I gave up and borrowed a DV-Bridge from a guy at work and it works fine. I wouldn't say to give up but I did cause I get frustrated easily. Let me know if you figure something out.

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    I would strongly avoid Dazzle - I use Pinnacle Studio for capture (PCI - AV/DV Deluxe 9) and it works fine. I've done all formats including capturing my video game footage which works great.

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    man good thing i didnt buy that dazzle i was gonna use it for the same thing. ... oh and also where can i get a/v splitters

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    What are the AV connections on the Dazzle? Are there input and output?

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