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Thread: NTSC on British Equipment. Is it possible?

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    Default NTSC on British Equipment. Is it possible?

    Hi Folks,

    Is it possible to view a DVD disc for Region 2 and 4 but done in NTSC on PAL equipment?

    I ask because I know Region 2 and 4 are for Europe and International but I know NTSC isn't so I'm not sure if I should purchase the disc.

    There isn't a PAL version available at the moment.

    If I can't view it on my TV can I view it on my PC?

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    Hi Chris.
    I have several NTSC dvds of old 50's rock and roll shows that I got from Video Beat in the US. They all play on my PC, they don't play on my Sony DVD, but do play on an old, seriously tatty 'Best Quality' brand player. (Yes, that's really the brand name!) Many DVD players can access all regions, you just have to know the code for your remote control. Apparently 99% of players will do all regions, but the manufacturers keep it quiet. Try googling the model of your DVD, along with 'region unlock code' and you'll find a site that tells you how to do it. Tread a little carefully though, incorrect input of the code locks the machine.

    Good luck.

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    That's good info cheers. I've done that DVD code thing before because I had a series of M*A*S*H that was for Region 1 and we had to unlock the player.

    It was more the DVD was in NTSC and not PAL that worried me I might be wasting my money.

    Still if it plays on the PC not a problem.


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    If you've played a Region 1 DVD on your player/TV, then a Region 2 NTSC disc will work. My reasoning? A region 1 DVD will be in the NTSC format.

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    Most DVD players (like my Panasonic) feature a settings selection where you can play back a DVD in PAL or NTSC.

    Having said that i have an American Panasonic GS250 camcorder that i upload at 29.97fps i then do all my editing save and burn using the NTSC set up and it plays fine through my DVD without the need to adjust the settings.

    Only when i play directly from my camcorder through my DVD player do i need to swop from PAL to NTSC on the DVD player to get a good picture and sound.

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