Hi, I am very new to video editing but I am having a problem going from an edited file to making a DVD movie. I used a VCR and a Pinnacle MovieBox to get a video into my PC as an mpg file and when I looked at this using the editor it had broken this up into about 300 clips. I clicked on the first clip and used the edit button to select all the clips and when this was done I dragged the first clip plus all the other selected clips into the timeline, all OK until now. Then I went to make a movie and that's where things started screwing up because the movie would not start at the first clip, sometimes it would start at clip 30 or even clip 200 plus. I went back to the editor and selected every one of the 300 clips in order and tried to make a DVD again but the same thing happened. My question is how do I copy the clips into the editor in such a way that they will stay in this same order when I make them into a movie. I am using Video Plus 9.4 and Windows XP with SP2 add ons. Thanks for any help.