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    Hi, i was just wondering how to edit or blur bits and peices of footage for security reasons. I am currently making a car video and want to edit out the license plates or blur them in certain sections of the movie, would anyone be able to help, by suggesting a video editer that can do this or what i can do about it. I am using Ulead video studio 7. Thx

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    I am afraid that this is not possible with Video Studio.

    You would need an editing package that supports multiple video layers (eg Premiere, Media Studio Pro etc), or a Video Compositor Tool (eg Video Paint).

    In the case of the formaer you could simply sumperimpose a gray clok over the number plate. In the case of the latter you have control over any part of the video frame by frame where you could blur, or block, a part of the image (eg Number Plate).

    Good luck

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