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Thread: External Hard drive problem.

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    Default External Hard drive problem.

    So i bought an external hard drive from wal mart.. its a seagate 160 gig hard drive... well i had it all set up and hooked up to final cut pro and er thang, everything was working fine... well i accidently unplugged the power cord while the external hard drive was hooked into the usb and an error came up sayin something about the hard drive was disconnectd wrong and shit.. i tried restarting and whatever and when i do that, it says, that there is an unrecognized drive or whatever plugged in and my options are, ignore, eject and something stupid i cant remember...

    is there a way to get my computer to recognize this thing or what the hell do i do?

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    It might be frazzled but have you tried disconnecting it, uninstalling the drivers and then re-installing them. Might be worth a try and even if it works you may hev to re-format it.

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    What operating system are you using? For XP or 2000.....go to the hardware manager and check to see if there are any devices with a yellow exclamation sign. If there are try removing the device and select re-detect (scan for hardware changes). Usb and firewire devices are autodetected by WinXp and in most cases by Win2000. Try also to plug the device into a different port.....unless the device is messed up it should be detected....can you try the device with another PC?...always an option.

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    Odd, I am always doing that on f wire and usb devices and have had no problems that a reset didnt cure.

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