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Thread: Movie Maker 2 DVD Burning

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    I have created a video in MM2 but unable to burn DVD. I have Nero 6 and Adobe Premeire but MM2 seems to have unique files and according to the www only Sonic MyDVD is able to cope with them. Has anyone successfully burned a DVD from MM2 or am I wasting my time?

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    Windows Movie Maker spits out WMV files. Ideally, you'll want to encode to a less compressed format before converting to MPEG2. If you're thinking of making a DVD, I'd use Adobe Premiere to edit, export to DVD compliant MPEG2, then use this file to author the DVD.
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    On second thoughts, I think you can output to DV-AVI in WMM2. You can then used TMPGenc to convert to MPEG2 and use this in your DVD authoring software (or simply use the DV-AVI in your authoring software).
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