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Thread: n00b with a question.

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    Default n00b with a question.

    Hey all, im kinda new to all this stuff so bear with me.

    Just wondering if someone can give me a few points of advice or direct me to a resource that will help me with my question. Anyway. Last night i installed my dvd burner. The software i got with the burner is Sonic MyDVD and DivXburn (or something like). I have some MTV spiderman series i want to burnt to dvd. I have the first 13 episodes ready to go. They are in AVI's and mpg's format. Total size for them in windows is about 2.3 gigs. (They avg about 100-200 MB per episode).

    Anyway, I added them into Sonic MYDVD (dvd screen and menu builder for your dvd's). I had two burn options, one was 4.3 gigs or so and another option for 2.3 gigs (approx) Sorry forget option names. I picked the larger one.

    While adding the clips I noticed when i added certain mpgs the dvd disk space left was super dupper low where they should all fit on a single dvd. This one I added its file size was about 140mb or so, when i added it to the dvd it said it was over a gig in size. Whats going on here. Do i have to convert some of these mpgs into a different format. I looked around for mpg to avi converters. Couldnt find anything. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    You might want to take a look at these links:

    Essentially DVDs need MPEG2 files with a few further specs to guarantee compatability with a standalone. Some of your MPEG files may well be MPEG1 with smaller framerates and bitrates - hence why the would mysteriously increase in size.
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    Thanks for the links, got some good starting info I needed. .

    Do most dvd burning software come with encoding options or are there seprate programs out there to change them.

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    DVD authoring apps are getting better, but the encoding options can be limited and don't offer the best quality encoding engines. I tend to use TMPGenc to encode my video, then use the Sonic DVDit the menus etc.
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