I have vegas 6 and i just brought boris FX 8 as an add on to vegas, i have installed it but when i start vegas and click on transitions then click on boris FX and then under presets the only preset it has there is one called default nothing else. would someone like to tell me if i am doing something wrong here? Because i thought this app was suppose to come with hundreds of presets as standard. And so far the only one listed there is one that says (Default) and when i drag that onto the timeline that brings up another window which is the Video Event FX window and if i click on the arrow pointing down next to it where it says untitled, it has no presets listed there. now if i click on options in the Video Event FX window then that brings up the timeline in boris, but i thought this program was to add hundreds of presets to vegas like the ones that come pre installed

Please see screen shots below