I'm doing a small clip to test an idea I have for a video.

I want to have a crosshair traveling around a picture, and inside the crosshair I want a magnifying effect.

And I cant figure out an easy way to do this, and maybe there isn't :(

Unfortunately the magnifying effect only works on the layer it's applied, so I have to but the magnifying effect on the background picture.

It's easy to just apply the magnify effect, if I want to go in a strait line from A to B, but I would like to smooth the path using the path modifier points. but I cant copy the move path to the magnifying effect so that I follow the exact same path, for that I have to flip back and forth the 2 layers to create the same path.

So if anybody knows an easy way to do this, please share, I have to do this about 15 times for the final movie.