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Thread: Advice for a newbie?

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    I'm new to this lark, done a bit of lurking round the forum & learned a little bit all ready, but a lot of it is way over my head. What I'm looking for is any sound advice to help me along the way, more on the editing side than the filming side, but any advice is welcomed.
    I have recently bought a Sony DCR-HC19E & Pinnacle Studio version 9.4.3, I'm running a 2.4GHZ Celeron with 512MB & abot 56Gb of free space.
    I have made one effort so far, but it is pretty lame, it really was just a bit of familiarisation. As I said some of the things are above my little brain at this point, so as a starting point what type of files do I want to create at the make movie stage? & for what purpose, ie. burning to CD, emailing, showing on a PC.
    I work for Cunard

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    Hi to you up there in Jockland, and Welcome!

    Essentially it goes a little like this

    For web - WMV (Windows Media), RM (Real Media) and Quicktime
    These have different rates that you can encode for better/lesser quality and file sizes.

    For DVD - MPEG 2 (Usually converted after you've edited and processed your raw footage)

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