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Thread: Graphic Card Encoding.

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    Default Graphic Card Encoding.

    I'm told some graphics cards will encode DV to MPG format.

    Can anyone recomend such a card. I currently use TMPGEnc, but if there is a faster hardware solution I'd want to use that.

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    Once the DV file is produced (like rendered, with all the bells and whistles), converting it to MPEG is not a video card thing. It depends on the CPU and installed RAM. However if you encode directly to MPEG (which makes sense if you just want to author a DVD and not export to tape or otherwise archive footage) then a faster video card can help (depending on the software you're using; Avid Liquid for instance can take advantage of a better VGA).
    Or you may want a real-time dedicated editing card, like Matrox's RTX100.

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    So it's an edit card I need.

    Do you know of one cheaper than the Matrox. I'm using Premier Pro.

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    I don't know. Alan uses Matrox, maybe he can help you.

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    Yup, I do have a Matrox Rt.X100 and one of the key selling points for me was the realtime MPEG2 encoder. Such a time saver when making DVDs.

    The RT.X100 does have a baby brother, the RT.X10 which does realtime editting (to a slightly lesser degree) but as far as I could tell, has no realtime MPEg2 encoder.

    I do not know of another realtime MPEg2 encoder cards for Premiere pro. I'm sure there must be a few out there but I'm not familiar with them.

    You migth find ebay a good bet for picking up the h/w though. I've seen posts before where people bought the h/w just for the Adobe s/w bundle that came with it (another key selling point) and thenjust sell on the h/w.

    Alternatively, with the more recent advent towards high def, which the Matrix card does NOT support btw, people may be offloading their cards.

    Sorry I can't offer more.

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