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Thread: Newbie: DV to DVD am I doing something wrong?

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    Default Newbie: DV to DVD am I doing something wrong?

    As is the case for first time editing I suspect, I dont know if the software is letting me down or I am making a fundamental mistake (probable)....

    I am editing a DV in adobe premier 5.1c. The codec I am using is the panasonic DV which I then export using Microsoft MPEG 4 V.3. The results plays okay in media player but doesn't look great.

    The trouble is when I run it through Cucusoft AVI to mpeg conversion software the result looks terrible and freezes my media player (PC usage goes up to 99% and stays there).

    My questions are, am I using the right codecs for the job because I have read a lot about DV artifiacts but I think my export looks worse than it should and why the freezing???

    I have searched for an answer so I hope I am not repeating myself, if so please point in the right direction.


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    I recommend TMPGenc to encode to MPEG-2. It's about the best stand-alone encoder to be had.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a go.

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