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    Default Software suggestions Please!!

    I have been taping footage on my mini dv camera for about four years and now have a pile of footage to edit and burn on dvd. There seems to be an incredible array of software available. I would greatly appreciate any help in choosing a good, easy to use program. I have tried ulead video studio 9 (trial verson) but it keeps getting stuck when capturing video. I would like some guidence before spending $100 on software.

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    Hi and Welcome.

    Of course, if you are running XP then you have a totally free good basic editor in the form of Windows Movie Maker. Other than that, try the other free trials and see how you go. One other thought, why not capture in WMM and then edit in something else, if they get stuck capturing. (Assuming it's not a PC related capture problem)

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    Thanks. I guess I didn't think about any windows software, I'll have to try it. As for my capturing problems, I think I know what is causing it. My counter (or timeline) zeros itself throughout my recordings and it is then that the program stalls. After reading through several posts I realized that I should avoid that but I didn't realize it at the time. Is there a fix for this?

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