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    This is my first post, sorry if it's in the wrong area.

    I have problem with a Sony Mini DV tape I used on my honeymoon last year.
    Out of 10 tapes used I have one (with the best of our footage - my wife feeding dolphins) which has horizontal lines over it.

    I have been able to take poor quality screencaps from this tape from step pausing which clears the screen a little but if anyone can suggest how this tape can be "restored" if thats possible it would be a great help.

    I currently edit holiday videos for family and friends as a hobby on Pinnacle Studio 9. The greatest shame is that I first started editing in prepeartion for our honeymoon and the tapes buggered!

    Any suggestions appreciated.

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    Do the lines appear when played back on your TV / on the camcorders viewfinder. This could be "interlacing". Read more in the FAQ:

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    yes, please proved a better description of the problem. What you've described could also fit the symptoms Ihad witha Sony miniDV camcordee that just had a dirty head and needed a tapoe head cleaner run through it a couple of times.

    Are the horizontal lines big lines or do you just get a combing effect during movement?

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