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Thread: Canon XM2 - Play(VCR) - no record!!

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    Default Canon XM2 - Play(VCR) - no record!!


    I use Final Cut Pro 4.5 and am trying to Print To Video - to get my work back onto DV tape.

    The XM2 is firewired up - it is in Play(VCR) mode - the AV>DV mode is on - I click ok on the Mac screen - the XM2 starts to Record my work - but it doesn't - it's just a blank screen - nothing - zilch.

    Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? -

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    I don't have a xm2 but it might be the settings on your camera need changing. It sounds like the camera might still be in playback mode (output from camera to computer) and you need to switch this around so the camera becomes the recorder.

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