Hi, i'm new to Vegas 5.0. Since i started using it i managed to make quite a few cool effects with it and compile some of my home videos. Recently i've been using it with Dvd architect in congunction to create cool looking menus.
I want to make an intro where the text slides from left to right. The thing is i don't want the text to be solid colored nor do i want the background to be solid colored. I want both the text and the background to be video clips. Imagine a background video showing a mountain while the text slides and its content is a second clip displaying a city.
Now i know that there must be some way to do this, i just haven't figured it out. I tried using the text media generators but i've failed to do what i wanted. I probably have to toy around with the compositing mode somehow i just dont know how. So can anyone tell me how?

P.C. Sorry for the long question, i just want to make sure i'm understood