Hi guys!
Im about to start the mammouth task of setting up my video editing suite. I have read lots of the posts in this forum, but being quite simple as i am, im confused!
Basically, i have an average computer (dont know the specs but was top of the range 2 yrs ago). I also have a copy of premier which i am trained up on.
For a start, i need to set up the computer for taking footage off my HI8 camera as i cant affod a digital one and will tackle that later. I read some things about TV cards and such but dont really understand. When i have editied on other computers with a HI8, i just used to plug the camera into the scart socket at the back-is this a TV card? and can the TV card also be used to transfer the finished product to VHS?
I would really appreciate some direction (dont forget im not that computer literate so may not understand some terms!!)
Thanks very much, Mike