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Thread: Mpeg-2 Encoding/Decoding Plugin

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    Default Mpeg-2 Encoding/Decoding Plugin

    I have a problem when i try to make video. I go into settings and when i try to change option buttons to DVD i get this message,

    when i clicked to activate, nothing appeared. Is there any way to download this Mpeg-2 encoding/decoding thing? Please help

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    Come on guys, nobody knows? what is this forum for then? :

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    It is not that this thread has not been read but maybe just maybe no one has experienced this problem and no solution can be given. I promise you that this forum is full of very, very good people who are full of knowledge and can help in areas.

    Here is my crack at your problem as I have never experienced this before but here goes.

    1) Make sure your pop-up stopper is turned off and that this is not stopping the transmission download

    2) A Firewall could also possibly be stopping the download. Turn off.

    3) Contact Pinnacle support directly via e-mail or call. They have helped me in the past with some little things and may be able to give some direction to your problems.

    Again, I am by no means an expert but have seen something similiar (Option 1 and 2) happen in another program update I did a while back. Not with Pinnacle but again something else. Just maybe this works for you and wish you well. Please keep us posted if you find an answer so that in the future, someone else may be able to benefit from your experience.

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    Default are you using Pinnacle Studio 9.4.3?


    Maybe your version of Pinnacle Studio is not the latest version which is 9.4.3?

    If you are using Pinnacle Studio 9.3 you should be able to upgrade it by downloading the 9.4.3 patch at the following URL:

    (scroll down partway through the page to get to it)

    That might solve your problem, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee it.

    I believe 9.4.3 is the most stable version of Pinnacle Studio right now, so you would probably do well to make sure you are using this version in any event.

    If you are using 9.4.3 and still have the problem, let us know and we'll think some more.

    BTW posting the large image takes a long time to load and creates issues with the forum display...maybe just crop it to the small error window next time to make the thread easier to read...thanks

  5. Default Software activation

    Again....this is one of the weird issues of the Pinnacle Studio software. I had the same problem AFTER I applied the latest patch. I called Pinnacle Tech but they were scratching their heads. Then I closed/restarted the application a few times and it eventually it worked----it's a miracle. Pinnacle tech support still has no idea to what's going on....they said "well if it works for you it's fine with us...??????'...whatever that means.

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