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Thread: Sanyo Camera "MP4" files -how do you get them into

  1. Default Sanyo Camera "MP4" files -how do you get them into

    A friend used a Sanyo micro-camcorder whilst on a recent holiday with us. He has sent me an unedited copy of the files -exactly as produced by his camera and they are in native "MP4" format. I can view these in my QuickTime player but would really like to edit and string them together using PremPro -but our favourite prog will not download them!

    I believe the "Elements" version of PremPro will load these files for processing -so there must be an Adobe solution lurking around somewhere. Do I need a special "plug-in" my PremPro -and where do I get it?
    Many thanks..jb

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    First of all welcome to the boards. You need to download virtual dub mod. More info is in Faq question 10.

  3. Default mpeg4 and PremPro

    Thanks for the virtualdub/panasonic codec suggestion. Having read the problems others have had when "tinkering" with these codec thingummies, I would prefer a proprietary route!
    This is my thinking:

    If the good folks at Adobe have already acknowledged and worked out an mpeg4 solution for their (later) PremPro "Elements" -presumably this "lite" version uses the same coding engine as the "heavy" version I currently find lacking -then why can't they release this vital functionality as a "one-step" patch/fix enhancement to update their top-of-the-range product?

    Or is this too much to expect?

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