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Thread: Analogue video editing problems-Prem 6

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    Default Analogue video editing problems-Prem 6

    after taking my computer to a shop to sort out all my audio problems, i now have a video problem. I changed some of the settings to stop dropping frames in capture, god knows what has happened but now i can't get a picture on my capture screen let alone audio, which i could in the past.

    I find the project settings window extremely confusing. If some body could just tell me the best set up for analogue capture then i should be on my way. Should it be DV PAL, PAL for WINDOWS....?etc

    Then when i try and customise these settings to stop dropped frames, there seems to be conflictions in the project settings window which i can't resolve. I'm not sure which compressor i should use-capture settings say n/a, but project settings say cinepak codec by radius-I can't change the capture to match the project settings. Not sure which frame rate to use-in our television company we always use 24fps. And finally the quality needs to be dropped to stop the dropping of frames-I can change the quality setting in projects setting, but again not in capture.

    Please help me, any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i am on a very tight deadline!!!

    Many thanks for reading this, Mike


    Windows XP 2002
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU-2.8GHZ
    256 MB RAM
    AverDVD EZMaker WDM Capture card

    Programme-Premier 6

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    about the analouge capture, i have a sony vaio that has 2 rca, 2 s-video capture cards, and i could never figure out how to use premiere to use them, so i had to use the included program!, not to take over the thread, but i sure would like to know how!!!
    Mac G5 workstation with 4 gigs of ram, 4x250 gig drives in raid 5. High availability cluster server running centos for a server. 2xCanon GL2 cameras.

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    Default Re: Analogue video editing problems-Prem 6

    Mike, dropping frames may be the fault of your cheap capture card and/or insufficient RAM. Make sure you have the latest WDM drivers, try lowering the capture resolution and bitrate or better yet, invest in a real capture card and at least 512 megs of RAM.
    PAL Video for Windows, 720x576, framerate: 25 fps. These should be your capture settings.
    Capture Uncompressed AVI if you plan to edit (it'll take some 45 gigs for an hour!).

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