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Thread: grasshopper in soundtrack

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    Default grasshopper in soundtrack

    I have a short film I am editing and I have an annoying little grasshopper on my soundtrack. I know that it is not essential that i get rid of it from the track, but perhaps it is because i know its there that it is bugging me. sound editing is my weak point, so i am not too clued in to how to fix it, if i could tone it down without effecting the dialogue. the only software I have access to inregards to sound editing is sound forge. i also have the sonic noise reduction plugins but am not too sure how to use them. any help appreciated

    whilst i am asking, another bit of footage i am editing for a friend has excessive trafic noise which drowns out dialogue. is it repairable slightly. i know there is no magic wand to amke it perfect, but is there anyway to med it a little

    thanks for any help

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    can you post a small mp3 as an example of how the audio happens.

    I mean because if it is happening while the people are talking then its a little more tedious, but if mostly in between dialog then thats easy 3D Animated Menu\'s Transitions, Backgrounds or just about anything 3d all Animated.

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    Default sample uploaded

    I upoaded about 3 seconds of sound here. Sorry its not longer, I did not want to upload a big file. the link is at
    any advice on how to minimise annoying grasshoppers would be great


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    Would this do?

    Styrange that niormal noise reduction didn't seem to work. I first tried the normal, of capturing the noise profile, i.e. a section of just the noise to be removed and then applied that filter across the whole thing. It seemed to do next to nothing.

    So I changed view in Adobe Audition and noticed that the 'noise' was all up at around 8000Hz, so I opened the VST Eq effect dialogue and chose the Default profile then selected the 'high' dial. When the green dot appeared intot he profile view I dragged it to the bottom to remove these frequenceies - or atleast reduce them down.

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    Default works great

    thanks for showing me it can be done. ive never used adobe audition before but think that I can get access to it on a friends computer so I'll give it a shot following the process you used.
    thanks alot

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    Hi again
    Forgive me if this is a simple and basic question (i am new to sound editing) but what exactly is the VST Eq effect dialogue i only used audition v1.0 for the first time today and seem to be finding my way around it but I am unfamilar with that term

    thanks for the help

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    but what exactly is the VST Eq effect
    VST is a form of audio plugin such as DX, RTAS, etc.

    EQ stands for equalizer.


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