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Thread: Recapture Footage in Studio 9

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    Default Recapture Footage in Studio 9

    Is it possible to recapture footage in Pinnacle Studio 9 using only the project file.

    I have a file that was created by someone else on a different computer (which is acting least Studio 9 is), and I would like to try and recapture the footage from the original DV tapes.

    According to the manual, it is possible, but it doesn't say HOW to do this. Anybody know.


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    I don't believe so....a project file basically stores the settings and the configuration to a specific project and it doesn't store the actual video. If you don't have the actual footage (avi, dv, mpeg etc) I don't think you can work with these files.

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    Try the suggestions in that part of the manual where they discuss preview-quality capture. But I just don't think it will work...

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