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Thread: Real Time: PC as Desktop DVD Recorder

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    Default Real Time: PC as Desktop DVD Recorder

    Is real-time recording [source to dvd burner] possible in PCs?

    If it is, maybe someone could help me by suggesting a software for it and recommend a particular PC spec which could achieve this.

    Thanks so much! Im itching to buy a desktop DVD Recorder but im thinking if its just better to have it on my PC.

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    Simple answer: no. But it depends on a) your source material, b) you computer specs and c) your burner speed.
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    Ummm...lets say id copy it from VHS what system specs and burn speed should i have??

    What can you say about Leadtek Winfast's Direct Burn? You think its for real?

    Easy to make your own high quality DVD directly:
    Exclusive DirectBurn function, record your favorite TV shows to disk or turn your PC into a Digital Video Recorder for burning home videos directly onto DVD! You don't need to save the captured video on your hardware disk, then burn your video files to your DVD. It not only save your time but also save

    thanks Mr. Peters

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    Looks good, but it ain't cheap! Looks good in theory and if you're building a new PC or upgrading your video card, then I guess it would be a good buy. That being said, I couldn't find any rteviews of the direct burn feature, so couldn't comment on the quality of the video.
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