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    First time poster with little experience with Premiere, so please be gentle.

    I have some video that I would like to use in a clip about our organization. Ususally use iMovie on an Apple to create the videos - However this time we want to do something a little different.

    Would like to run a couple of video testimonials that are great, however while the audio is running go from the video of the person to pictures of other things that we do!

    Not quite sure how I allow the audio to continue running and then change to pictures as it runs. Does it require that I actaully seperate the audio from the video and then deal with them seperate? Seems like quite a bit of work... ANY suggestions would be great!


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    Right click>Unlick audio and video

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    Welcome to the forums sryder.

    Just to expand on what Luke says, you can unlink audio and video on the timeline by right clicking on the video displayed on the timeline and selecting unlink audio and video from the pop up context menu. This will allow you to delete parts of the video or audio only by either moving the in and out points or using the razor tool to cut sections, then highlighting the section and pressing delete. Please note that after you have unnlinked audio and video, you'll need to click somewhere else on the timeline before trting to delete either the audio or the video (otherwise the two items will be highlighted together and you will end up deletig both!)

    When I'm working with multiple videos and want to maintain one audio layer, I often leave the audio and video linked - this saves a lot of hassle if you want to move the video around on the timeline (the video synch remains). Instead, I place the video in track one, meaning the audio attached to that track is placed in audio track one. Thhen I place subsequent videos in a track above video one, and the audio attached defaults to a track below audio one - so that neither the audio or video of trackone is deleted. One you are happy with how the video looks, simply turn off the audio in all tracks other than track one by clicking the relevant icon on the far left of the video track.

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    The technique you describe is called Insert Editing (I was wondering when someone would bring it up again) and has been around for years. It's used a lot in television news reports and especially interviews where you have a talking head who is describing something and we then cut away to show what they are actually talking about. You see new pictures but still hear the person talking. You do need to separate the audio and video and cut out the parts of the video where you want to Insert the new video showing what they are talking about. Just short clips around a few seconds each. I suggest you record all your testimonials first and either listen to what the people are saying and make a list of what you want to show or play the tape back later and then make a list. Then take the camera and go out and record the required scenes. When done transfer everything to the computer and open in your editing programme. Find the end of your actual programme and separate it from the clips you want to insert, then go back to the parts where the testimonials take place and start using the razor to remove only the video portions and fill the gaps with the new scenes.

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