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Thread: Jerky video after editing

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    Default Jerky video after editing

    Brand new to editing and would like help, please

    After editing video on Adobe Premiere Elements 2, playback is very jerky and records jerkily when I transfer back to my digital camera.

    Records ok on dvd, but I would like to record back to camera.

    Computer Pentium 4 (3.06 GHz) 512 MB of RAM and 120 Hard Drive

    Wd external hard drive help and, if so, how much would I need?

    Hope you can help.

    Patricia Ann

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    Hi Patrica Ann

    Your computer seems powerful enough, at least you're not using a laptop. So I don't thinks the problem lies there. Did you capture using Firewire or did you use dat, dat, dah... USB? You should only use Firewire as it is the only recommended way to transfer video including audio from camera to computer and then back to camera again if that's your preferred method. I wouldn't use an external hard drive to capture video to, use it instead to back up files and free up space on your hard drive when you are done with a particular project, they're just not as fast as one connected to the inside of your computer.

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    Streaming(i.e. jerky video) is experienced in USB 1.1. Whether the same problem remains in USB 2? I have heard that the transfer rate in USB 2 is a little greater than Firewire.
    Meanwhile, Nikosony is right. The ideal way of capturing and exporting(edited video to camera tape) route should be through Firewire.

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