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Thread: Burned DVD compatibility probs

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    Default Burned DVD compatibility probs

    Hello, having some problems burning DVDs. Wonder if anyone has an idea what might be causing them:

    Basically I've edited about an hour's worth of footage and an introductory video using Adobe Premiere Elements then exported it using the MPEG > PAL DVD option.

    I used Ulead Movie Factory 4.0 to create the menus and chapters, as well as burning. The burner I'm using is a Sony DRX-800UL.

    Sony 8x DVD+R: Played fine on PC and a Panasonic DMR-E55 DVD recorder. But wouldn't play on either of these standalone DVD players: Pioneer XV-DV303; Toshiba SD-210E.

    I read in Ulead's manual that there is a 30MB size limit for menus, for standalone players. Thinking that this was the problem, I removed the main feature, keeping the intro clip, so to reduce the menu size to 7MB. I also bought some DVD-RW to test different media.

    Imation 4x DVD-RW: worked perfectly on all players.

    So I thought, OK, let's see if the +/- is a factor. Repeated the previous burn:

    DVD+R: worked perfectly.

    This indicated that the trouble might have been with the menu exceeding 30MB. I then put the main clip back in using Ulead, but reduced the menu size to 26MB, and burned again.

    DVD+R: same problem as with first burn.

    However if it isn't the menu, what is it? The main feature lasts 1hr 10 mins and the total project size is 3.8GB so that should fit fine onto a 4.7GB DVD.

    Any suggestions are very welcome.

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    Try burning at 4x instead of 8x. I've had DVD burners in the past that would mess up at their highest speed.
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