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Thread: Sony HDR-FX1 Comment Please

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    Default Sony HDR-FX1 Comment Please

    I am currently in the Market for a this camera and I am wondering if anyone has any comments for it. Editing and such also is there any way to keep the quality of HD when you are burning it to DVD? Help is appreciated.

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    Been using an FX1 for a year and I'm still in awe of it -probably represents the best value for money, given its pro features and 3 chips.

    If you capture and edit in HD (with Premiere Pro 1.5.1 & Aspect HD, for example), you can downscale to standard def for DVD and get higher quality than if you use the FX1 to downscale, or just recorded and edited in standard def - the resolution is noticeably better. Alternatively you can render to Windows Media HD format (WMV HD) and burn up to 2 hours of HD on to a dual layer DVD-ROM, playable on any fast (3.0GHZ) PC.


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    Agreed. PPro 1.51 and Aspect HD (currently 3.4) is the way to go with this camera.

    Just don't hold your breath while you try that 2 hour long WMV9 high def export though Depending on what effects and transition you use it can take 48 hours or more. but rest assured this is due to the codec, not PPro or Aspect HD.

    Oh, and as I've said before, I recommend always shoot in HDV mode even if you downconvert and capture in SD. You get a better picture than SD and have the option of re-capturing in high def later.

    Now, if only there was a reasonably priced monitor/TV that will play 1080i.....

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