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    This may be the wrong Forum to ask this question, but perhaps someone can guide me to the correct one please.

    Are there any readers of this Forum that have required any sort of Public Liability Insurance because they work with the Public while using Video cameras, and if so can they help with a contact address.

    We have been trying to get this Insurance for about ten days, a small fortune in telephone bills, and hours on the Internet, but have had little (none) success.

    Once again, sorry if this is the wrong Forum
    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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    Hi there,

    Join the union BECTU (Wardour St soho), I'm pretty public liability is covered as part of membership. Alternatively there are specialist brokers in London (cant remember names offhand I think "Whites") that deal in film insurance, including cover for weather days etc.


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    I've just checked my BECTU membership and for a premium of 12 per annum I am indeed covered for public liability, my employees however are not- so make sure all your crew is in BECTU (if your a professional outfit this should be the case anyway).

    Hope that helps


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    A ray of hope at last
    Thank you very much tongachutt .

    I and my son have spent hours searching! I have contacted BECTU for an application form to join the Union, and will let you know if it is what we need.
    Thanks again.
    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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    search for insurance on the BECTU site it tell you all about it there.


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    I will do this, thanks again for you help.

    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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    if not try these;

    White and Wilson
    2nd Floor55/57 Great Marlborough Street
    W1V 1DD
    Telephone 0207 7342858

    They specialise in film insurance although they may be just for the big boys! Most production companies I've worked for (advertising/music promo's) use them.


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    Thanks again Tonga,

    My son did contact White and Wilson, and they e-mailed an application form.

    I think you are correct in thinking they are more attuned to the big boys.

    At the moment my son is on his own with a little support from me.

    We have read the BECTU Web page, and this looks promising for him at the moment, although quite a few pages are a bit dated (perhaps the info is all still relavant).

    We appreciate your input

    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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