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Thread: adding effects to all audio clips

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    Default adding effects to all audio clips

    hi there guys!
    great forum you have here!

    i have a question regarding audio clips in premiere pro.

    i have a sequence that is split into around 20 different clips. i can only add an audio effect to one audio clip at a time. if i group all the clips it won't allow me to add effects.

    is there anyway i can add an effect to all clips at the same time?
    if i want to add an eq to boost the bottom end or add a denoiser then having to set that up for each individual clip would be a nightmare.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    many thanks!

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    All you have to do is create a new sequence (ex:sequence 2) and import all the audio clips you want to add the effect. After this, just return to your "main" sequence and drag the previous one(sequence 2) into the timeline. It will work as a single clip. Now you are able to apply an effect to all the entire clip! And this works with video files too, of course!
    Hopes it helps!

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