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Thread: What are the essentials we need?

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    Default What are the essentials we need?

    Hi, A friend and I (both music composers/engineers) want to make up a couple of mock ads to present our music to potential clients. Its all very well using other peoples ads for this purpose but we really feel this completely dilutes our work and ideas. Theres also various limitations working like that. Were both expereinced in our relative fields of music composing and engineering and we work with Avid/Digidesigns Pro tools and can facilitate syncing to film and all the other aspects around post audio work.

    What are the essentials we would need for our project? We think the Panasonic DVX 100 A or B would be a good choice. For recording audio we would like to use the cameras internal tracks via external mics. Weve also considered lights, monitors, and maybe something to stabilise the camera. The steady cam is way out of our price range but wonder if there is something else much cheaper? Apart from various incindentals we cant think of anything else.?

    If anyone could suggest what we havent thought of and add anything you feel we would have to get, or maybe an alternative to the Panasonic.


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    regarding camera stabilisation.... it's an entire field in its own right, that one.

    Stabilisation rigs can cost from about 200 UKP up to 100,000 or more. Sowhat would you say your realistic limit is.

    A few of us here have Glidecams and (I think) most of us get along with it well enough. These are at the lower end of that scale atabout 300 UKP. I get on well enough with mine. Even more so given the amount of time I spend practising.

    You also might want to talk to Andy (Turnmedia) who swears blind by a certain crane he uses for his musical performances. I think he's your man for more on this one. It's what he spends his time doing.

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    Thanks Alan,

    The glide cam sounds like something I will look in to. You may have misunderstood my post. Were not making a music video. Our proffessions as musician/sound engineers may have given you that impression.

    What about the camera. Is that a decent one to get? Im sort of looking for people to chip in what I may have missed out and perhaps point out obvious pitfalls that I cant foresee at the moment


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