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    HIya. First post here.

    Ok i bought a LiteOn LVW-1105HC+ DVD recorder yesterday and recorded a few tv shows straight from TV. What is the best way to edit out the commercials? I recorded the shows onto DVD+RW (shows up as DVD-VR in my pc drive) and i just couldnt hit pause fast enough everytime a commercial came up. I can load the VOBs from the DVD+RW on my PC's DVDRW drive, but the it seems the VOB files are around 1 gig each so they contain parts of another tv show i recorded too. How do i split the VOBs and Merge etc? wots the best FREE and COmmercial programs out there to handle this quickly cos the reason i bought one of these recorders was so i didnt have to convert from AVI to DVD on my PC(basically to save time) :p

    thanx for any help

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    ohmygod, welcome to the forums!

    Take a look at Womble MPEG Video Wizard and Magix Movie Editor. One of these two is probably what you need.

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    thanx for the quick response! much appreciated

    I was searching the web and i did come across that womble that free? or commercial? I also came across virtualdub MOD the mpeg2 version...can this do wot i want? i dont really care for menus, just wanna have the main show on the dvd, maybe several chapters too.

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    Have a look at virtual dub mod. Should do what you want. There is also a comerical program in pimp the link were you can cut lots of bits at once.

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    Womble is shareware.
    VirtualDub, as Luke suggested, is a much more powerful software, and it's freeware, but it's interface is not user-friendly at all, most people (myself included) freak out at all those options () and that's why I didn't mention it in the first place. But if you can master it, Virtualdub will certainly do your thing.

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    thanx guys

    let me know wot you think about this method i just did:

    Used dvddecrypter to rip some of the chapters i want from the DVD-VR my Liteon made
    used Vobedit 0.6 to join the VOBs (renaming the Vobs files)
    Used IfoEdit096 to create the IFOs
    Burn to DVDR with NEro (not tried this step yet so dunno if it works)

    i tried using virtualdub mod..but it kept crashing on me :(

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    Looks reasonable (in terms of minimising quality loss)... if it works. Finalize it.

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