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    Hi every body,

    I am totally new to the field of video editing. I want your advice on which is the best program to start with, and hopefully it's a program I can stick to for a long period of time. I was told that Adobe Premier is what I want, but I am not sure. I need your help. Should I go for Ulead Video Studio instead.
    One more thing, I need to know the names of a couple of good books on the program you recommend.

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    Trying to advise on the 'best' NLE is a bit like trying to advise you what religion is the best. We all have our own favourites but the best one for you is for you to determine. Most offer trials for download.

    I personally use Adobe s/w so would recommend Adobe Premiere Elements which is likely to do all you want it to for a while, including building DVDs with menus.

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    You should download 30 day trials of video editing software from their respective websites and see which one you like. Also visit your nearest newsagents and see if there is any trial software on the front covers of video editing magazines. I would recommend you take out a subscription to some of the video editing mags that are doing the rounds at the moment and as their info is more upto date than a book and you also get reviews, news and projects you can try out yourself.

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    adobe premiere and after effects is GOOD!!! try those.

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