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Thread: Can I compress files to use up less memory?

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    Default Can I compress files to use up less memory?

    Hi, real beginner here.

    We have just bought our son a Sony Handyman HC19E and through this site have been directed towards Movie Maker as a good starting place.

    The films (which are quite short) are taking up 649mb of memory. Is this normal or is there someway of condensing files?


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    Well.. what type of codec are you using for your produced files? Is it DV (*.avi) or WindowsMedia (*.wmv, *.asf etc.)? Or perhaps MPEG? DV AVI is highest quality (the exact information that was downloaded from the MiniDV tape), but larger file. MPEG (1 and 2) is used for burning VideoCD's, and, respectively DVD's (WindowsMovieMaker can unfortunately not do that), while the WindowsMedia formats are suitable for Internet distribution.

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    Default saving

    thanks for the reply.
    In "properties" it says the file type is AVI video.
    It doesn't need to be good quality at this stage as we're just getting to know the ropes. So can I compress the file or do I save under a different type?

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    If it's for playback on your PC save it as a WMV file. You'll notice a big difference in size compared to DV AVI. In the future when you want to burn your films to DVD you will have to save your files in MPEG2 format.

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    Default saving

    thanks for the advice.

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