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Thread: Newbie: Order of Operations-Premiere, After Effects, Encore

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    Default Newbie: Order of Operations-Premiere, After Effects, Encore


    What is the order of operations between Premiere, After Effects, and Encore DVD? After you do your capture and basic editing in Premier, are you supposed to open your Premier project in After Effects and modify it further there? Then Export the file somehow from AE to Encore? Is this how most professionals use the programs together?

    Just trying to get the big picture.


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    The oder the programs are meant to be used depends on what you want to do. If you're using lots of effects you go premier>After effects>Encore DVD. If you are filming with out FX then you go premier directly to encore.

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    I would beg to differ. My personal workflow is as follows.

    1 Capture raw footage
    2 Start Premiere Pro project
    3 import footage
    4 Edit
    5 Export sequence AVI
    6 Start Ae project
    7 import exported AVI from Premiere
    8 Add special effects
    9 export from AE to AVI
    10 import AVI to Premiere as new asset
    11 Edit some more

    repeat 5-10 until all special effect are done then...

    12 In Premiere export final movie as MPEG2
    13 Start Encore project
    14 import MPEG2
    15 Build menus and master DVD

    So, for me, rather than be a linear thing I jump between AE and Premiere all the time. If you thing of AE as being a 'kind of, pluigin for Premiere to simply be used when needed then you pretty much have the idea.

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    Ok, this sounds like a pretty good strategy. I will try it out. Thanks for the input.


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