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Thread: music user fees

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    Default music user fees

    Can anyone tell me the procedure for getting permission to use songs in
    my videos?

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    Take a look at the resource:click here
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    What are the videos you make and who sees them? If you want them broadcast or shown in public youll probably need to pay to use music.


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    There seems to be various ways to pay for music used in broadcasts (either using traditional methods or via the internet), but absolutely no info on using music in amateur films/wedding videos etc.

    It's well documented that no-one has the right to copy music. (Ok, this is a grey area which I really don't want to go into, but let's assume only the copyright owner has the right to reproduce the music). So where does that fit into the grand scheme of things?

    Essentially, does the music industry turn a blind eye to small scale infringements (e.g selling weddings to a few people). Or should the creator seek to pay royalties for every video sold?
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    To use music in wedding video's you will need to get a license from the PRS (, you buy the license for a year and this entitles you to use any music you want - there are strict guidlines as to who can watch the finished vid ie familly members who were at the wedding.


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    no probs


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