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Thread: Lip Sync problem on Instant DVD recorder but not Pin 10+

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    Default Lip Sync problem on Instant DVD recorder but not Pin 10+

    I am experimenting copying a 2 hour VHS to DVD. Quite good results if I capture in Pinnacle 10, render and then burn to disk except it takes about 5 hours from start to finish whereas it takes just 2 hours usining Instant DVD recorder but I get a serious Lip Sync problem of about 3 seconds delay between the image and sound. I have disabled Norton and all other programs - in fact before I disabled Norton I only had about 1 second slippage. I assume its not my card as I get ok results in Pinnacle. Any ideas? Thanks

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    It appears that, even with 'software tuning', your system is not able to cope with MPEG-2 capture (what bitrate btw?). So what is your PC specs?

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    Thanks for the reply. I think my PC spec is quite reasonable - P4, 2.8 mhz, 768 mb ram, 200 gb drive although I only have a basic analouge TV card. The Instant DVD Recorder software doesn't offer a selection of output bit rates other than 'good', 'better' and 'best' and I had it set to the minimum - i.e. 'good'. My first recording was made when I only had 512 mb ram - when I put it up to 768 mb the lip sync actually seemed to have got worse.

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    If you're going from VHS to DVD, it's my opinion that selecting a high bitrate (i.e quality) is overkill. Given the quality of the source, a bitrate of no more than 4,000kbps would be perfectly fine and even then perhaps on the high side. I would suggest you set the setting to low quality - from what you say this helps with teh audio/video synch, and if the MPEG encoder is this side of decent, you'll achieve quality to match source. If you can, select a 2-pass variable bitrate.

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