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    Be gentle with me itís my first time here!

    Iím interested in your views on DV Editing software programs, and DVD burning to date I have tried 4, Ulead Video Studio 7, Arcsoft Showbiz, MySonic and Image Mixer.

    These have all proved to be expensive, and very disappointing in there ease of use, end result and in particular stability.

    Having read other posts I am not alone with this problem.

    Your own personal recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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    Specifically among those four, I recommend Ulead Video Studio.
    You might also consider Adobe Premiere Elements, Pinnacle Studio and Vegas Movie Studio.

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    I use Premiere Elements 2 for capture and editing and can't fault it for my needs. It has more than enough effects and transitions etc. Pros may find it limiting though. For burning to DVD I use Nero. This combination gives me hardly any problems at all. I bought PE2 packaged with Photoshop Elements 4 and after the rebate the total package came to about £70 in total if I remember correctly.


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