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Thread: PLEASE TELL ME WHAT NLE TO BUY with realtime capabilities

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    Default PLEASE TELL ME WHAT NLE TO BUY with realtime capabilities

    Can someone please suggest to me a reliable NLE system that will be very fast and very capable of complicated edits. I would like a PC based suggestion and realtime editing for at least 3 or 4 tracks of video with effects. I have been using the DPS Velocity system and have had many problems. I think this is due to the company who built it here in Dallas (Videotex). Please let me know what is good that is out there and try to keep it under $15k. Please keep in mind I am in Texas so that is around 15k USD


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    $15k is an ENORMOUS budget! Mention that kind of money, and a specialist video editing company will be falling over themselves to give you advice! You'd be able to kit out a complete video editing suite for that amount...
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    Default 15k USD gets spent real quick with high end editing systems!

    when you start looking at the different NLE systems out there that are intented for professional use, it gets rather pricey. For instance, a complete turnkey SD system with relatively frontline technology from BOXX and your going to spend over 15k. A turnkey Velocity Q system from Leitch is over 15k. Media 100 is like 25k. The problem with me going to a simple prosumer editing system for around 4 or 5k is that I end up having to render everything I do. I currently will use 4 or 5 video tracks with all of them having effects like cropping and fading with movement and fades. I don't want it to take a few hours to render a 30 minute project with several areas of this 4 or 5 video layers. That is where my dilemma is. Of the less expensive systems (which I have not ruled out) what would you suggest. I have seriously considered and will probably go with two systems with a video raid for video hard drive space that could be shared between the two of them. With that in mind, it looks more like two very able systems for roughly 5K and a beefy storage array.


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    Well if you build a really REALLY good computer, like with 3 screens, 4/8 gigs RAM, a terabyte of storage, and 2 processors of 3+ Ghz, then throw in Premiere pro,($4k for all of that) you'll have enough money for another system, some more spare money, and barely any time for rendering.
    Just what I think (or is turnkey a really good make of PC?)
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