I'm just setting out into the world of DV.

Is anyone aware of any good back to back comparisons of editing & DVD authoring software please?

I'm running a desktop system with an ATI Radeon 8800 video card on a 2.4Ghz P4 system with XP Pro and 3GB of DDR RAM. Audio is a Creative Platinum with Live!Drive IR. The PC has a firewire card (this system is actually set up to run 3D CAD and hack about with audio files, but I am considering getting another to just handle video editing and maintaining a very clean setup).

Camera will be a PD170.

I am looking to be able to produce a DVD with stills and video. Some video will be interview, other will be footage with audio added at a later date. Content will be accessed via menus.

Although I haven't used any editing apps, the thought of learning them doesn't faze me. It can't be that much harder than picking up Cubase, Audition or even some of the 3D CAD stuff. I don't have any background in AV, but learning the mechanics is unlikely to be a problem.

The art of editing may be a different story......

So (after all that rambling) any links to comparison reviews or recommendations would be very helpful.